Veneration is an exploration into the growing legion of people in Mexico who have turned to worshipping their own modern deities and folkloric saints as a way of coping with exclusion from the prevailing social system, its rights and privileges. The practices of these new faiths are often surreal twists of Aztec rituals and Catholic beliefs, mixing Satanism, Santería, witchcraft and black magic. Political and religious leaders in Mexico are quick to link followers to gangs, and the drug and sex trades yet these fringe-dwelling movements also attract young families and have formed in response to a social and political system which excludes them. 

On Death, Melbourne, Australia

Book Awards:
Photo Chronicles Publishing Award, winner
City of Melbourne Arts Grants, recipient

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Casebound edition published by Photo Chronicles
Publication date 2020
Book 18 x 24 cm - Box 30 x 42 cm
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Zine edition of 50 self-published
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