The Crimson Thread is an ongoing project which investigates the ubiquitous presence of Australia’s colonial history to better understand the impacts of colonisation and white privilege on contemporary Australian society. The title is taken from a quote by Henry Parkes, a British-born, Australian colonial politician who described Australia’s connection to the British Motherland as “the crimson thread of kinship, which defined Australia as a bastion of ‘whiteness’ in the Asian region.”

The work to date has been created by retracing parts of the Royal Tour of Australia made by Queen Elizabeth II in 1954. To document what the contemporary settler society of Australia looks like today, our ongoing connection to the British monarchy and to highlight how the continual honouring of colonial history generates and sustains white privilege. The work encourages viewers to question official histories and to consider how strongly our past still exists in the present.

Le Space Gallery, Melbourne

The Royal Photographic Society Journal UK

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PhMuseum Women Photographers Grant 2022, honourable mention
Solo Show at PhMuseum Lab, finalist
FORMAT2023, finalist
Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2022, finalist
Residency at Landskrona Foto Festival 2022, finalist

Magnum x Photo 2022 PHOTO Lab, participant